Lotus Heart Road: the further one proceeds the more beautiful the landscape

[ 2019-04-19 ]


This spring, Xialujiang River’s Eco-tourism is very popular and widely concerned. The Xiaoshao Ancient Road and Yuewangzheng Canyon have both become well-known on the internet, attracting numerous visitors on weekends.


The Lotus Heart Road is built along the Xialujiang River. Extending 8 km, it starts from Xialu Bridge, cuts through the villages of Lianzhong, Liandong, Lianxi and Lianzeng.What we experienced this time is the 1.2km long Jiuqu Bridge Walk. The villagers call this section of the Xialujiang River as the Lishan River. Just as we expected, the further one proceeds the more beautiful the landscape.


On arriving the Lianzeng Village, we immediately feel awe-inspiring facing the ginkgo in front of the Village Committee. The tree is 1,005 years old, 30 meters high. It is as thick as five people’s arms around. Its posture is magnificent and impressing. The villagers said that this is a 1,000-year old love tree. If young people falling in love make a wish under the tree, they will be united till old.


In the mouth of the villagers, Lianzeng Village has “three treasures”. In addition to this ancient apricot, the other two are Zhaikou Ancient Bridge and Changzheng Reservoir. Sailing upward from the entrance of the Village Committee along the Xialujiang River for a little more than 1,000 meters, we arrive at Zhaikou Ancient Bridge. The landscape at this stream is very beautiful. Looking at Doushuai Heaven Palace, we see the fairyland; Jiuqu stream is the best place for playing water on bamboo raft. The Lishan River has a drop. The murmuring green stream has abundant water and gives a pleasant sound.


The Changzheng Reservoir was originally called Changqingwan Reservoir. Its scenery is so beautiful that we feel it is more interesting to use the name of Changqing Lake. The reservoir is the communication line between the Xialujiang River and Hu Tang. The most fascinating is that it connects with the Baolin Mountain, facing Doushuai Heaven Palace and the Longhua Temple. Its fascinating landscape possesses a grand vision. Sitting on the dam, watching the towering white lotus, amid  the faint prayer sounds, one gets a pure and clear mind.

We originally planned to spend two hours visiting the Lotus Heart Road, but actually we spent four hours for it’s full of jades along the road.

From Keqiao Daily, March 29, 2019