Keqiao’s Fabric Enterprises Cooperate with Korean Fashion Designers

[ 2019-04-04 ]


 In January this year, the "South Korea-Seoul East Gate China Textile City Global Tour" of the "Silk Road Keqiao·Throughout the World" overseas tour exhibition of China Textile City was held in Seoul. Through this event, the Busan Design Consortium in South Korea came into contact with a large number of excellent fabric enterprises in Keqiao and gained a new understanding of the textile and fashion industries in Keqiao. During the exchanges, Jiang Jingtai[c1] , president of the Busan Design Consortium, expressed his hope to deepen the exchanges of designers of both sides and strengthen the cooperation between the Consortium and the fabric enterprises in Keqiao for exchange of equipment and technologies based on the signing of the strategic cooperation. The Consortium has already begun to set up the Chinese fabric exhibition area in the design center to recommend excellent fabrics from China to its member designers.


From Keqiao Daily, March 20, 2019