Ancient Town Welcomes the “Chinese Valentine’s Day”
2023-09-04 10:54

“The steps seem steeped in water when cold grows the night.

She lies to watch two stars in love meet in the sky.”

In a recent visit to Anchang Ancient Town, the reporter observed that the flowers lining the streets were in a state of full bloom. This captivating sight attracted the attention of numerous tourists, who paused to admire the scenery. The whole ambiance of the town was imbued with a palpable sense of vibrancy and liveliness. The blossoming of flowers and the vibrant pulse of summer are inherently fated to create a distinctive and enchanting romantic atmosphere in the region of Keqiao.

As night falls, Keqiao Ancient Town becomes a bustling hub of tourist activity, with the illumination of lights adding to its vibrant atmosphere. The historic town organized a range of “Qixi” events, including the Mengqiu Fan Market, which included diverse forms, abundant content, and a vibrant festive ambiance. These events serve to emphasize the cultural implications associated with “Qixi,” such as love, loyalty, and familial bliss. Additionally, they aim to educate young individuals about the historical significance of “Qixi” and encourage them to uphold and propagate the profound traditional Chinese culture.

When love manifests, the flowers become abundantly adorned with an increased number of branches. During the Qixi Festival, one can observe the bridge stride over flowing stream at night, appreciate the pleasant aroma of flowers, visit the old town located in the southern region of the Yangtze River, and experience the romantic ambiance of Keqiao.