“All People Welcome to the Asian Games” Silver Bell Exhibition
2023-09-26 16:28

The Keqiao District Elderly Sports Association organized the 2023 “National Fitness Day” exchange and display event as a means to commemorate the Asian Games and the 15th National Fitness Day.

During the inaugural event, a multitude of senior citizens, exceeding a count of 100, hailing from diverse divisions of the District Elderly Sports Association, presented a series of focused presentations encompassing disciplines such as bodybuilding, fan dance, and Tai Chi. The reporter observed that within the performance team, there are those who have consistently participated in the grassroots fitness initiative for the elderly during the entire year. The older people living in our district exhibit a remarkable level of energy, gracefully engaging in dance routines characterized by both strength and fluidity. These motions exemplify a novel style that reflects the vitality of this demographic in the contemporary day. Zhang Wenjuan, a member of the association, expressed her annual engagement in exchange performances of this nature. She highlights the dual benefits derived from these activities, namely the enhancement of her physical well-being and the establishment of new social connections. Wenjuan expresses gratitude towards the organization for affording her the opportunity to partake in these performances and encounter such aesthetic splendor.

Furthermore, various exchange activities including bocce ball, darts, billiards, yoga, roulette, chess, and other similar pursuits were concurrently conducted on the premises.