China Textile City
2023-03-28 11:22

1. Level: national AAA scenic area

2. Address: Keqiao Subdistrict, Keqiao District

3. Transport: Search “China Textile City(中国轻纺城)” on Baidu map or Google Map, and select route according to actual conditions.

4. Admission ticket: Free

5. Tel: 0575-855558002

6. Introduction:

China Textile City covers an area of 778,000 square meters with a floor area of 3.26 million square meters. It includes 16,000 shops and 19,000 business premises. Amount of business men inside reaches as many as 50000, trading over 30000 kinds of shell fabric, and daily visitors come to 100,000 person-times. It achieves 180 million yuan for volume of transaction every day. There are 76 financial service point in the market area, receiving deposit over 2 billion yuan each day. The market is developing steadily, with annual volume of transaction growing from 76 million yuan in 1988 to 63.453 billion yuan in 2008 (among which 1.282 billion USD was for foreign trade). It has ranked first among national textile wholesales markets for successive 17 years, and now it’s the textile market with largest scale, completed equipment, and widest variety of products in the country, also the largest professional textile market in Asia.