Anchang Town
2023-03-28 11:21

1. Level: national AAA scenic area

2. Address: Auchang Town, Keqiao District

3. Transport: Search “Auchang Town(安昌古镇)” on Baidu map or Google Map, and select route according to actual conditions.

4. Admission ticket: Free for entering the Town. 50 yuan for through ticket covering Town God Temple, Ankang Temple, Suikang Money House, old site of Bank of China, Folk Culture House, Shiye (private advisor for administrative or martial leader) House and Stone Sculpture House.

5. Tel: 0575-85652345

6. Introduction:

Ancient Zhejiang people produced and bred in Anchang as early as 4000 years ago. About 1000 years ago, Qian Liu, a king of Yue Kingdom, with the order of Emperor, calmed down rebellion led by Dongchang here, so the place here was named Anchang (pacifying the rebellion caused by Dongchang). During years of Hongzhi in Ming Dynasty, the old street was built. Anchang has a long history and famous for its scholars. Its market was set up in Ming Dynasty by a business man who offered 4 pieces of futuo (a kind of ancient food made of flour) for free to everyone coming here for trade, and from then on the market in Anchang has developed prosperously. Many business men, influential men and scholars gathered here, bringing it tradition of starting business, pursuing literature study and being assistant for officials. Since Ming and Qing Dynasty, Anchang had became an important commercial town with rich rich culture. It once worked as a major harbor along river channel in east Zhejiang, realizing commerce exchange among places and areas around Shaoxing as a economically and financially developed town.

Anchang Town has beautiful sight and agreeable environment, being a national AAA scenic area. Its long street is built along river channel with many simple and traditional shops. Exquisite flying eaves, arcades, quiet stone lanes, and twisting alleyways remain traditional interests. That people live along the river accompanied by numerous stone bridge over river is also the same as tradition.