Temple of King Shun
2023-03-28 11:21

1. Level: national AAA scenic area

2. Address: Wangtan Subdistrict, Keqiao District

3. Transport: Search “Temple of King Shun(柯桥区舜王庙)” on Baidu map or Google Map, and select route according to actual conditions.

4. Admission ticket: 10 yuan

5. Tel: 0575-85788102

6. Introduction:

Temple of King Shun is a place of interest of middle Zhejiang, which is located in Shunwangshan Mountain (Mountain of King Shun), Keqiao District, north of Xiaoshunjiang River and about 43 km away from Shaoxing City. There is a sentence recorded in Record of Grand Historian as:“Shun was born in Shangyu. Yaoqiu, 30 li away from Shangyu, is the place where Shun was born.” Shangyu District neighbors Keqiao, and it’s said that Shun worked and travelled here, so many places here have their names related to Shun, such as Shunwangshan Mountain (Mountain of King Shun), Xiaoshunjiang River (little river of Shun). Therefore, people built Temple of King Shun for memory of the ancient king and his excellent merits.

The construction period of Temple of King Shun is missed in historical record. Guiji Record of Taijia Years (Tai Jia Gui Ji Zhi) said:“Temple of King Shun is located 100 li southeast of Guiji County.”Anecdote Record (Shu Yi Zhi) said: “There is a hunting plat for Shun in Guijishan Mountain, and Wangling Temple stands below it.” So it’s confirmed that temples and tombs built for Shun appeared at least in Six Dynasties period. Existent Temple of King Shun was built during years of Xianfeng in Qing Dynasty (1851-1861 AD), and repaired in 1st year of Tongzhi (1862 AD). The Temple stands high in the mountain and have a bird view of Shunjiang River (named Shangjiangxi River now) with open field on back side, so it’s a beautiful place with agreeable environment.