Classic Culture Spreading
2023-12-01 14:45

The Jiuxiang Bookstore on Hutang Street was recently filled with the auditory experience of children engaged in the act of reading. The inaugural event of the "Reading Promotion Activities" organized by the Diyang Reading Club was held in the Jiuxiang Bookstore on Hutang Street. This event aimed to provide a diverse cultural experience to readers of all ages, emphasizing the influence of refined language on civilization and the profound impact of classic literature on the human spirit.

It is reported that this event is purportedly sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the District Committee, with co-organization by the District Education and Sports Bureau, and hosting responsibilities entrusted to Keqiao Xinhua Bookstore. From the present month to the conclusion of December, the aforementioned endeavor will be implemented within the confines of farmers' bookstores (urban study rooms) situated in a total of 16 towns and streets within the Keqiao district. The promotion of classical culture will be facilitated through renowned lectures, the sharing of reading materials, and parent-child reading activities. Additionally, efforts will be made to enhance the integration of reading instruction in both urban and rural areas.