The Bank of Jianhu Lake Keqiao’s “New Landmark” of Cultural Tourism
2023-11-24 15:34

The cultural and creative community complex known as "Jianli Hui," situated in Jianhuli on Keyan Street, has recently commenced operations, extending a warm invitation to visitors. A recent addition has been made to the landscape surrounding Jianhu Lake, with the inclusion of a novel setting. Additionally, a new sign has been installed in the rural tourism area of Keqiao.

According to available information, "Jianhuli" has been identified as a noteworthy attraction within the Jinkeqiao cultural tourism sector. This particular landmark has been collaboratively developed through a combined effort with Jinkeqiao Cultural Tourism Group, Yejiayanju, and Sanjiaju, all situated on Keyan Street. One notable project among them is the "Jianli Hui" project, which involved the conversion of the former manufacturing building of the Ruanshe Winery. The project encompasses a construction area of roughly 3,056 square meters, effectively preserving the architectural style of the former winery while incorporating contemporary elements that exude a sense of modernity and youthfulness. Jianhuli is a multifunctional facility that combines accommodations, dining services, recreational activities, and artistic endeavors.