The Style Area of Banhu Livable Urban New Area Unveiled
2023-11-10 09:24

The construction of the style area project in the Banhu liveable urban new area was recently completed in its entirety. Refurbishing several amenities within Banhu Park, such as the children's play area, basketball court, and smart fitness area, has increased public interest and participation in recreational activities and physical exercise. According to reports, the style area within the Banhu liveable urban new area is being invested in and developed by the District Construction Group. This development encompasses four distinct components, namely the renovation of the green space located on the northern side of Shuangzhou Community, the enhancement of the route connecting homes and schools, the improvement of the children's play area within Banhu Park, and the implementation of a smart runway system. The development of the style area has resulted in a notable enhancement of the urban living environment, contributing to the improvement of the city's overall image and the upliftment of people's living standards.