"Bus No. 5" Drives into Qianqing Street
2023-10-20 14:52

In a recent occurrence, "Bus No. 5" made its way into Qianqing Street, marking the commencement of the philanthropic event held at Qianqing Station. Xinglong City witnessed the convergence of over 20 charitable stalls, encompassing a range of offerings such as convenience services, public welfare services, and charity sales. Upon commencing their operations, the individuals vocalised their enthusiasm, so garnering the attention of numerous members of the populace who were enticed to visit the marketplace.

According to reports, "Bus No. 5" is a public welfare service platform established by Keqiao District, which follows the "Five Communities Linkage" concept. This model combines convenient services, public welfare services, and government services. The Qianqing Station event is being conducted with the support and supervision of the Keqiao District Civil Affairs Bureau, Keqiao District Civilization Office, and Keqiao District Charity Federation. The event is being hosted by the Qianqing Subdistrict Office of Keqiao District, with organizational assistance from the Qianqing Street Social Organization Service Center and Social Work Station (Charity Base). Additionally, the event is being co-organized by the Qianqing Street Women's Federation, New Era Civilization Practice Institute, Zheguang Primary School, Zheguang Kindergarten, and Jindi Xinglongcheng.