The Fragrance of the Cymbidium Orchid Perfumed The Air.

The breeze was kind and the fragrance of orchids was overflowing. Yesterday morning, the 2022 Zhejiang Cymbidium Orchid Expo and the 37th Shaoxing Orchid Exhibition has launched ceremony. The 18th Orchid Culture Festival in Keqiao District were held in the thousand mu orchid garden in LiZhu Town, during which more than 1,000 orchids of different shapes and sizes were displayed, attracting many orchid lovers to gather and appreciate the orchids.

It is understood that this activity is sponsored by Zhejiang Orchid Association, Shaoxing Orchid Association and Keqiao District People's Government, co-organized by the Propaganda Department of Keqiao District Party Committee and other units, and undertaken by Lizhu Township People's Government of Keqiao District, with the theme of "Talking about the development of orchid township and drawing a common rich scenery". In addition to the launching ceremony, a series of activities will also be carried out during the event, including the National Orchid Ancestral Land Shake Contest, "The Orchid in the Empty Valley" - an exhibition of calligraphy and painting works of orchid culture, following the Net Reds around the Orchid Garden and the Little Red Book grass planting contest.

April 11, 2022, From Keqiao Daily