Keqiao Fabrics Lead the Fashion Trend

A few days ago, the 47th (2023 Spring/Summer) Chinese popular fabrics shortlisted award-winning list was released. The company "Langbeni Textile" in our district submitted fabrics and was selected for the Best Market Application Award," Lisen Textile", "Yang Shi Textile", "Show The fabrics of many enterprises such as "Ba Textile" won the Excellence Award, and the fashion leadership of Keqiao fabrics has been recognized by the industry again.

The evaluation of China's popular fabrics has always been an important event in the textile industry. This event attracted 464 outstanding textile companies to participate. More than 4,200 pieces of participating fabrics presented the 2023 spring and summer China's fashion in terms of color, pattern, material, craftsmanship and technology. Fruitful results of fabric product innovation.

Best Market Application Award by "Lambeni Textile" this time is a fabric called "Dream Neon Clothes". The fabric is made of imported fine denier monofilament polyester fiber, matched with viscose with high moisture regain, and has been processed by false twisting to achieve the style effect of mulberry silk products. It is breathable, light, stiff, and has excellent drape without losing skin-friendly properties. It has good market applicability in spring and summer dress categories.

Variety of Keqiao fabrics won awards in the national fashion fabric review is inseparable from the careful cultivation of fashion and creative industries in our district. In recent years, our district has promulgated the fashion industry support policy, comprehensively developed the four major fields of "fashion design, fashion manufacturing, fashion consumption and fashion service", and built an ecological system of fashion and creative industry.

Taken from 2022-03-28 Keqiao Daily