Danjia Village, a Fairyland

Many days has passed since the Beginning of Spring, but snow is still making an unexpected visit to us. It was nothing more than the continuous patter of raindrops for the city, but the raindrops were turned into flying snowflakes in the mountains. Danjia Village, Wangtan Town is the tallest administrative village in Keqiao District. Every time it snows, Danjia Village can always be dressed as a silver world, a mysterious “fairyland” beyond the reach of the city.


The first snow of the Year of the Tiger started falling at the beginning of the New Year, and it is still snowing now. For Danjia Village, the continuous snow is undoubtedly “timely snow”. The snow that fell during the Spring Festival holiday excited a great many winter sports lovers. After the Lantern Festival, Danjia Village, which is covered with snow, remains a place attractive to these “winter sports lovers”. Over the just past snowy day, Danjia Village has gained fans with the aid of the “winter” wind. Danjia Village is not longer a niche destination today. Instead, it has become a signboard for tourism in mountainous areas of Keqiao District because it knows how to “harvest traffic”.

“It’s not easy to drive on the mountain road covered with snow, but people remained keen on taking a walk in the snow. More than 3,000 tourists visited our village at the weekends, with the parking area full of cars. They made snowmen, took photos, climbed the hill or gave a live show. That was a noisy spectacle,” said Sun Weijun, Party branch secretary of Danjia Village. After the snow, the visitors enjoyed themselves to the full in Danjia Village. Moreover, the “Winter Olympics” was proceeding in those days, and many pieces of charmingly naive Bing Dwen Dwen were standing erect in the snow.

From Keqiao Daily dated 02/25/2022

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