Romantic Because of You

The small garden is full of cherry blossoms in spring, and the branches are full of stamens. The soft wind gradually warms the city in spring. After the temperature rises, the spring atmosphere begins to thicken, and the cherry blossoms in the East Bank Park by the Guazhu Lake are also in full bloom. Looking down from the air, the greenery has a pink and white rendering that is even more beautiful. The cherry blossom forest comes with a filter, which captures the spring scenery on the bank, and under the bright sun is a splendid cloud of steaming clouds. The blooming tree by the lake also attracted many citizens to come to check in, or take pictures while wandering in the flower forest, or "camp" on the spot and sit under the cherry trees to enjoy the fragrance. It is reported that the cherry blossom viewing period is from mid-March to mid-April, and the flowering period is about a month. It has entered the best viewing period.

Taken from 2022-03-17 Keqiao Daily

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