Let 831 Become Breathing Forest Bookstore

The urban study is one of the important carriers for the construction of "Scholarly Keqiao". In recent years, a unique urban study has been displayed in Keqiao, and more and more citizens have entered the “study” to experience the happiness of "the book has its own golden house". A few days ago, the urban study "831 Bookstore (Yunxi Bookstore)" in Xialu Town has opened for trial operation, and the surrounding residents have another good place to "infiltrate the fragrance of books".

It is reported that the forest coverage rate of Xialu Town which is as high as 83.1%, hence it’s named 831 Bookstore (Yunxi Bookstore)". The project is led by Keqiao District Charity Federation and donated by Baoye Group with a donation of 3.5 million yuan. It is located in the cultural square of the market town of Xialu Town, which is surrounded by green mountains and green waters. The locals affectionately call it "the breathing forest." book."

Xia Lu Town said that as a public welfare public cultural project, the library will be based on the positioning of open sharing, reasonable layout and standardized operation, and strive to create a collection of book lending, learning exchanges, cultural tourism experience, party salons, and charitable organizations. A multi-platform integrating incubation and cultivation. In addition, the bookstore will upgrade the traditional library borrowing methods, provide residents with universal, equal, free and barrier-free public book services, and build a new public book service model.

Taken from 2022-03-14 Keqiao Daily

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