Tiger celebrates the Lantern Festival

Here is another Lantern Festival, at which “fiery trees and silver flowers can be seen everywhere on the sleepless night”. During the Lantern Festival, full play was given to creativity throughout Keqiao District. Colorful folk activities were held in time, e.g., lanterns were hung high to pray for blessings; lantern riddles were prepared for guessing; sweet soup balls were offered for enjoyment. What a strong festive atmosphere it was!


Inheritance and innovation complement each other. Infinite splendor and romance were added to the Lantern Festival by the people while there were learning intangible cultural skills, wearing Han clothes, tasting tea and enjoying lanterns. The poetic traditional festival was therefore reflected in modern people’s daily life. The “sense of occasion” and “feeling of atmosphere”, which have been there for thousands of years, will exist forever with good wishes for the future…

From Keqiao Daily dated 02/16/2022

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