Citizens Buy New Year's Food on the Streets Full of Sauce Fragrance

  After we stepped into 2022, the Lunar New Year is gradually approaching. The New Year atmosphere is strong, and the New Year's goods markets are bustling. Walking in the streets and lanes of Anchang Ancient Town, the reporter saw all kinds of sauce food being hung along the river with sauce fragrance filling the air. The sauce food is not only a flavor but also a landscape, and it is the taste of the year in the eyes of Keqiao people.

  The seasoned food on the streets of Anchang includes raw food and cooked food. Cooked food can be eaten right away, while raw food can be taken home and cooked later. Sauce duck is tender; sauce fish is crisp; and sauce ribs are throat-soothing. Sunshine, breeze and time endow Anchang sauce food with gorgeous luster and unique fragrance. Among them, sauce duck, dried fish and sausage have become the three delicacies of the year. A mouthful of preserved meat with thick sauce and soya-bean oil has been the old delicacy preferred by Keqiao people. During the interview, the reporter met Juanfei, a new Keqiao native who came to "buy new Year's goods". She carried three or four packages of sauce food in both hands. In her eyes, Anchang Ancient Town has the strongest new year atmosphere in the south of the Yangtze River.

  Every year, the twelfth lunar month is the best time to enjoy delicious food in Anchang Ancient Town. Old streets, rivers and stone bridges are as old as ever. In contrast, sausages, sauce ducks and dried fish are always new. The "new taste" came out on the "old foundation".

From Keqiao Daily dated 01/14/2022


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