Very Peri Announced as the Popular Color of This Year

Recently, PANTONE, an authoritative organization famous for developing and researching colors all over the world, announced the popular color in 2022-Very Peri, which is a guide to the development of textile products.

  Very Peri is a new color created for the first time in the history of PANTONE's annual color plan. With blue hue and dynamic purple, it shows a smart and joyful attitude and lively style, and stimulates courageous creativity and rich imagination.

  Is Very Peri popular? "Chengsheng Textile", located in the east market of the Textile City, mainly sells all kinds of medium and high-grade down jackets, sunscreen clothes, windbreakers and other chemical fiber fabrics. Sample clothes of various colors and styles are hung in the store. The reporter saw the fabric with similar color to Very Peri at a glance. "We keep up with the market and continue to pay attention to international fashion trends. Fabrics and colors are independently developed by ourselves." a person in charge of Chengsheng Textile said. They will not blindly copy the international popular colors, but adjust the color ratio based on the different fabric materials, and make the color achieve the best effect after many times of printing.

  Popularity is a trend, and fashion is not just the "best selling item" at the moment. There are many colors similar to Very Peri in the Textile City, but they are rarely identical. The reporter visited a number of stores and learned that the international trend is guidance for them, but they will eventually produce fabrics according to customer needs, market feedback, materials and market positioning. Development and innovation have become the main features of enterprises in the Textile City.

From Keqiao Daily dated 01/07/2022

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