"Cuckoo Weaving" Dresses Up Keqiao Ancient Town

  Yesterday, Hu Yan was wearing new clothes for the largest ancient tree in Keqiao Ancient Town. Since Keqiao Ancient Town started the "Cuckoo Weaving Plan", she has crocheted wool crochets of blessing bags, tiger heads and Chinese knots for five consecutive days. She used them to dress up Keqiao Ancient Town and welcome the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger. It is learned that in addition to the traditional lantern arrangement, Keqiao Ancient Town has also launched the "Cuckoo Weaving Plan" centering on the beautification of big trees. In the core area of three bridges and four rivers, 15 big trees were dressed up by more than a dozen enthusiastic citizens, showing the dyeing and weaving culture of Keqiao.

From Keqiao Daily dated 01/19/2022

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