Successful Organization of Yellow Rice Wine Brewing Professional Competition of Keqiao District
2022-11-04 09:49

On September 23, Keqiao District Yellow Rice Wine Brewing Professional Competition was held in Huangjiu Town, where 40 yellow rice wine brewing experts from 13 enterprises, including "Kuaijishan", "Tapai" and "Jianhu", competed for the "Golden Shuttle Award".


This activity was hosted by the District Federation of Trade Unions and the District People's Social Security Bureau, undertaken by the Hutang Neighborhood Office and the Federation of Trade Unions, and co-sponsored by the District Food Industry Association. On the venue, the practical skills of the "Grey Altar" and "altar mouth sealing" were carried out, which tested the physical strength and proficiency of the contestants, who need to complete the specified action within the specified time, and those with fast operation and excellent quality win. "This competition is a competition and exchange between peers, which will be very helpful for me to improve my skills in the future." Pan Liangliang from Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd. has worked in the traditional brewing workshop for more than ten years. He felt so honored to participate in the competition.


"Liquor of Jianhu Lake Perfumes the Ten-li Hutang". Hutang is the gathering area of the yellow rice wine industry. At present, there are nearly ten yellow rice wine enterprises such as Kuaijishan, Tapai, Jianhu Distillery, with an annual output of 150,000 tons of yellow rice wine, an output value of nearly 2 billion yuan, accounting for half market of Shaoxing's yellow rice wine. For a long time, the local government and major liquor enterprises have organized various skills competitions and business learning activities in a targeted manner to promote learning through competition and combine learning with practice, improve the skill quality of employees and create a working atmosphere of "comparison, learning, catching up and outperforming" for enterprises.

Fu Zukang, president of Keqiao District Food Industry Association and general manager of Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd., said that Shaoxing yellow rice wine brewing technology, as a national intangible cultural heritage, has a long history of brewing. Holding such skill competitions is not only conducive to cultivating talents, but also to passing on this skill.


It is reported that on the day of the competition, the theoretical knowledge of yellow rice wine brewing was also tested. After fierce competition, Miao Weidong from Shaoxing Yunji Xinji Wine Industry Co., Ltd. and Shen Linchong from Zhejiang Tapai Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd. won the "Golden Shuttle Award" and "Silver Shuttle Award" respectively in this skill contest.

From Keqiao Daily, September 24, 2022