Ethnic Games Celebrated the National Day

During the National Day holidays, Keqiao District held the first Ethnic Games, which covered more than 10 sports events, such as tug of war, volleyball, track and field. More than 400 people from 50 ethnic minorities in Keqiao District participated in the event.


Keqiao has the largest cloth distribution center in Asia - China Light Textile City, where elites from all over the country start their business. It is a region with a large number of migrant minority populations, as well as one of the key counties (cities, districts) for urban ethnic work in Zhejiang Province. So far, the permanent population of ethnic minorities has exceeded 75,000, including more than 7,800 people with registered residence and more than 67,000 migrants. There are 50 ethnic minorities in total.

From Keqiao Daily, October 8, 2022