First Snow in Danjia Village

On the early morning of December 25th, the first snow of this winter fell onto the mountainous area in Southern Keqiao District, including Jidong and Wangtan, because of cold-air outbreak. Danjia Village, Wangtan Town, the highest point of Keqiao District, was covered in elegant snow. Soon afterwards, the “First Snow on Cloud” occupied WeChat Moments.


Snowflakes flew on its unexpected visit to the world. It is a poem written by winter for people. What does snow look like? It flies with the wind like willow catkins, covering grass, trees and roofs, bringing into being a one-day white world. It also reminds people of the change of seasons and the footsteps of time.


It’s cold at the end of the year. While enjoying jade-like branches and everything else in the snow-covered mountainous area, people suddenly see that the vast sky and earth are of the same color. Let’s ring in the New Year of 2022 in the graceful and refreshing first snow.

From Keqiao Daily dated 12/28/2021

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