3D Denim, Warm Plush Fabric
2022-01-21 09:23


Recently, China Trend Research Institute of Ladieswear Fabrics released a forecast on 2022/23 winter suit-dress fabric trend. According to Gao Yufei, a trend researcher of the Research Institute, denim, plush and rough woolen fabrics will come into vogue in autumn and winter next year and the year after next.


Denim refers to denim fabrics. In autumn and winter of the next two years, denim and imitation denim fabrics of various styles will appear with a solid figure. For example, rugged micro-pleats can be formed on the classic retro denim fabric by double weave, or high-elastic texture can be created by elastic bottom thread to form unique pleats. In addition, argyle jacquard pattern or embossed pattern can constitute a unique picturesque 3D pattern, and the stereoscopic effect can be enhanced after washing.

What kind of fabric keeps warm in cold weather? Of course, soft plush fabrics and imitation fur fabrics do. These types o fabrics not only look warm, but also are very warm actually. In future autumn and winter, these fabrics are mostly designed with pure colors or simple patterns. With thick, solid and soft texture, they can be made into simple but comfortable warm coats. Multi-functionality is the focus of consumers’ attention. Natural cotton is woven with fine polyester filaments and spandex into clear-textured, stiff and smooth, dense and plump plush fabrics, which are highly breathable and excellent in keeping warm and absorbing moisture.


“The ‘Chanel style’, which has been popular in recent years, makes rough woolen fabrics highly ‘attractive’,” said Gao Yufei. Wool or alpaca, which is essential for autumn and winter, can be combined with metal wire to show the charm of details. There are varied, well-arranged micro-patterns on the front while there is classic swallow gird on the back, making the reversible fabric both practical and fashionable; classic and natural outdoor texture matches earth tone, further amplifying the original beauty.


“In general, the 2022/23 winter suit-dress fabrics continue to be made of various materials in a flexible and innovative manner, making daily items both practical and fashionable,” said Gao Yufei.

From Keqiao Daily dated 12/06/2021