Spreading Popular Elements to the Public

Recently, an excellent fabric show themed “Charming Market, Fashion Preference”, hosted by the China Textile City, was held resoundingly at the China Textile City Exhibition Center. Commercial tenants from the Union Market and East Market joined hands with Shaoxing University Yuanpei College in designing a dynamic and vigorous visual feast.

Different from the fashion shows held indoors, the event was held in an outdoor square, where fashion design and fabric characteristics were presented to the audience in an all-round way. The fabric show was attended by 12 fabric manufacturers with about 60 types of high-quality clothing, including Puxing Textile, Bosicai, Shaoxing Shidie, Luoka Cloth, Zhenzhan Windsor Textile, Mishang Textile, Yunsha Textile, and Wange Textile. By dynamic display and boutique presentation under three themes, including “Fashion, Technology and Green”, they displayed dresses, wind coats, down jackets, leisure shirts, business shirts, etc.

At the show, cutting-edge design concepts and popular trends were presented to the public in the most intuitive manner, effectively helping enterprises raise their awareness of launching trendy products. In addition to building terminal scenarios, expanding fashion expression and creating a strong fashion atmosphere, the event aroused and stimulated people’s understanding, cognition and expression of fashion while promoting every brand, which “sought to meet fashion needs” only, to “set the trend for fashion consumption”.

From Keqiao Daily dated 11/08/2021

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