Distinctively Beautiful Scenery in Late Autumn

Colorful chrysanthemum flowers, billowing golden rice plants, reddish mountain woods… Keqiao is showing its unique charm everywhere in late autumn.


“Other flowers have all withered when chrysanthemum is in full bloom; the whole city is bathed in fragrant chrysanthemum, looking golden everywhere.” Enjoying chrysanthemum is an unavoidable topic in autumn. In Haifeng Garden, Pingshui Town, there are chrysanthemum flowers in full bloom, covering an area of approximately 100,000m². More than 500 species of Bellis perennis, gathered from all over the world, boast gorgeous colors and different shapes, which are attractive to many citizens, who come here to have a unique visual feast in autumn.


Autumn is the harvest season. As ripe late rice is to be harvested in various villages, stretches of golden rice plants billow ceaselessly, attracting lots of citizens. In Lunanju Village, Keyan Sub-district, there are 400 mu (approx. 26.67 hectares) of late rice paddies, where heavy rice ears bode bumper harvest. Attracted to the fields are not only tired urbanites fed up with the reinforced concrete forest, but also kids from kindergartens and primary schools. They walk into the fields to experience various kinds of farm work, enjoying the fun of labor.


More beautiful autumn scenery is hidden in the mountains. Walking southward along the Pingwang Line, you will see that the mountain woods, which were verdant, have turned yellow to varying degree. There are also ancient roads hidden into mountain mist, autumn leaves falling with rustle, and mottled old houses occasionally emerging from the roadside, looking so interesting.

From Keqiao Daily dated 11/03/2021

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