Red Metasequoia in Xuedou Ridge forms Autumn Scenery

In Jidong Town, a mountainous area in Southern Keqiao, there is a scenic spot honored as “Little Jiuzhaigou Valley”.


Every autumn and winter, metasequoia trees neatly in clear water here, looking spectacular and amazing. Photographers take photos and post them on WeChat Moments. It is said that here is an 800-year-old ancient road here, named Xuedou Ridge, which is situated between Zhibukeng Village and Ancun Village in Jidong Town. It is quiet and beautiful while the air fresh, with peaks, ridges, rocks, waterfalls and canals concentrated in landscape, making the Xuedou Ridge an elegant, secluded, attractive, precipitous and beautiful natural place.


The metasequoia trees rear into the clouds, seeming so awe-inspiring.

A large group of tourists are attracted to the metasequoia trees in the Xuedou Ridge from November to early December every year. Dark red leaves are reflected in blue lake water, forming a fantastically beautiful natural oil painting.

From Keqiao Daily dated 11/30/2021

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