Farmers are Busy drying Lotus Roots in Autumn and Winter

On a fine day, lotus root starch slices are spread evenly on bamboo crates, with water drained little by little. Fresh, sweet lotus root starch will be harvested after two or three days of exposure to sunlight.


After the beginning of autumn in November, many farmers in Keqiao started being busy making lotus root starch. They wash, cut and sun-dry lotus roots to prepare a delicious foodstuff.


In Zengdaju Village, Qixian Sub-district, the reporter saw master workers picking fresh lotus roots and cutting off knots. Lotus roots covered with mire were cleaned in the “washer”, and then broken into pieces. In a village near Yupingshan Road, farmers, who had made lotus roots into starch lumps, were cutting the starch lumps into slices. “These lotus root starch slices will be packed and put away after being dried,” said Yu Guoping, who was spreading lotus root slices in the sun.


Lotus root starch can be seen everywhere in villages in autumn, with the fragrance of lotus roots filling the air. The busy farmers have smiles on their faces. They say brightly, “Many people in Shaoxing like lotus root starch, which is good for the stomach.”

From Keqiao Daily dated 11/26/2021

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