New-type Country Tour: Camping “Comes into Vogue”

During the National Day Holidays, scenic spots of varying size in Keqiao were crowded with tourists from all over the world. They felt the profoundness of history in the city museum, watched gorgeous fireworks in the amusement park, appreciated the gentleness of waterfront land on a boat with a dark awning in the ancient town, tasted the essence of nature in a rural restaurant, got close to green mountain forests in homestay inns…

Among many tour items, camping has gradually cut a striking figure in the tourism market because it makes it possible for people to enjoy freedom and tranquility in the moonlight with stars over the head. Many campsites have sprung up around Keqiao, such as the Jianhu Lake Campsite, Keyan Scenic Area, the Flower Sea & Starry Sky Campsite, Tangdi Village, Lizhu Town, the Wufeng Mountain Campsite… Many articles about “camping” can be searched on social software, including attractive pictures and detailed tips, making it more possible to make a tour without delay. Camping is no longer exclusive to a minority of players, while more and more new campers are swarming into campsites.


In the Flower Sea & Starry Sky Campsite, Tangdi Village, there are more than ten white tents arranged neatly on the lawn, and not far away are green hills. When night just falls, the small lights outside the tents are turned on, with smoke curling up from stoves. 


Recently, many self-driving tourists from surrounding areas have come to the Flower Sea & Starry Sky Campsite to have a barbecue, chat with companions and play games. It is understood that the campsite is open to white Nordic tents and awnings, and very popular with young people because they can not only go camping, have a barbecue or enjoy homemade cake here, but also sing in open-air KTV or play a role-playing game. 

From Keqiao Daily dated 10/11/2021

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