Commencement of 2021 Golden Keqiao Cultural Tourist Season

Last night the Opening Ceremony of Shaoxing Cultural Tourist Season and 2021 Golden Keqiao Cultural Tourist Season was hosted in Lu Township of Keyan Scenic Area. On the spot, Keqiao, Yuechang and Shangyu districts work together, and Luzhen was the branch stadium of Keqiao District which is live connected with two other stadiums through the big screen. On the ceremony, many cultural tourist products were exhibited, and so were lots of traditional food, brand and intangible cultural works of Shaoxing.


Last night, Keqiao District initiated the 2021 Golden Keqiao Cultural Tourist Season that would last for two month. More than 80 cultural and tourist activities would be sponsored including the Second Keqiao Cultural Tourist Online Live-streaming Consumption Season, Keqiao Drama for Ancient Town performance tour, 2021 Keqiao District Food Carnival, “Hundred-Flower Grand Stage” performance activity and serial activities of “Dreamy Golden Keqiao-Cultural Tourist Carnival”, to bring the citizens and visitors a “customized” full-territory feast of joy.


According to a source from the Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting and Tourism of the District, "Dreamy Golden Keqiao-Cultural Tourist Carnival" this year would be held from September to late November, with full-range interaction, guest-host co-sharing as the purpose, so as to discover cultural tourism resources and regional cultural elements, and to launch a series of rich-content, participatory theme activities based on the historical and cultural accomplishment and the ecological and human resources of Jianhu. Activities including the "2021 Flower Pageant" Golden Autumn Flower Festival, Cool Fun Golden Week-Romantic Firework Show, Zhongxie Ancient Village Cultural Tourist Festival, the Third "Rural Food" Cultural Festival of Xialv Township, Keqiao Intangible Cultural Carnival, and boutique Shaoxing opera tour, laurel tour, mountain-climbing tour, rural food and tea activities have been main courses of this recreational feast, and visitors would experience the charm of Keqiao on a full scale.

Excerpted from Keqiao Daily, 2021-09-29

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