Market Introduction

China  Textile City is built in October 1988, and was called Shaoxing Textile  Market at the first, then was officially altered as China Textile City  approved by State Administration for Industry and Commerce. It is the  first professional market entitled with “China”. In 1999, it was  entitled as Three-Star Civilized and Standard Market by Zhejiang Bureau  of Industry and Commerce. Now, China Textile City has generally built up  southern zone for traditional trade, northern zone for market creation,  middle zone for international trade, west zone for major material  suppliers, and east zone for matched logistics service. China Textile  City is presently largest professional textile market in Asia, with its  total textile sale volume taking up 1/3 of home volume. It ranks 2nd  among top 10 professional wholesales markets. Every year, 1/4 global  shell fabric is traded here, and the City has production or marketing  relations with almost half domestic textile enterprises. The City  enforces intellectual property protection and provides modern finance  service together with developing new company-model operation, through  effort of technology innovation, brand establishment, fashion creation  and industry chain integration to realize great achievement.
Geographical advantages
China  Textile City is in “south golden wing” of Chinese Yangtze Delta, which  is an area with densest population, rapidest development and strongest  purchase power. The City is nearby national top 10 economically powerful  regions and has close link with the prosperous provinces. The new  geographical advantage produced by newly established Cross-sea bridge of  Hangzhou Bay and new economical advantage brought by faster economical  integration of Yangtze Delta region make China Textile City among get  great profit from Yangtze Delta cities among which  Shanghai  obtains rapidest development. Excellent geographical advantages help  China Textile City grow from an ordinary area market into a global  market with large amount of trade.
Large market
With  over 20 years’ growth, China Textile City now has floor area of 3.65  million square meters, with about 26000 shops in traditional area, over  22000 registered companies, more than 5500 permanent oversea purchasers,  and almost 1000 foreign representative organizations. The City extends  its sales network around the whole world, and has near 1000 permanent  representative  organizations of foreign enterprise, around 10000 professional foreign  purchasers, over 5500 permanent oversea purchasers, along with 1261  export-licensed enterprises.
Strong industrial foundation
Keqiao  District of Shanxing City has prominent advantage of numerous textile  manufacturers, so it occupies first level production scale, trading  amount, completed industry chain and advanced equipment. In the  meantime, it balances its development in market, equipment technology,  product development, talent resources, gaining great competitiveness.
Completed matched operation
Focusing  on operation of China Textile City, Keqiao District make a set of  overall services including services for commerce and trade, leisure,  logistics and alike. With Golden Keqiao Building serving as the center  for service area of commerce and trade, it covers service system of  commerce and trade of entire district, involving providing business  finance, exhibition information, catering and hotel; Guzhuhu Lake is the  center of leisure area in the District; global textile logistics center  works on the basis of International Logistics center of China Textile  City; International Textile Expo is a major window to display industries  and a textile trade platform of the District; and the District set up  its professional textile talent platforms, among which China Textile  Talent Market plays an importanat role.